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Slant Monuments

Slant Monuments
Height: 14 to 18 inches
at highest point
Width: 10 inches wide
Length: 18 to 42 inches long

Slant Monument on Base

Slant Monument on Base
Additional cost for base will be applied based on the size of the monument. Refer to Slant Monument above for sizing.

Die (Upright) on Base

Die (Upright) on Base
Height: 18 to 36 inches
at highest point
Thick: 6 to 10 inches thick
Length: 18 to 84 inches long

Additional cost for base will be applied based on the size of the monument.

Pricing varies by size, color of granite selected and the number of polished surfaces. Decorative carvings constitute an increase in price.

Grass Markers

Grass Marker
Thick: 4 inches thick
Width: 8 to 14 inches wide
Length: 14 to 48 inches long

Bevel-Top Marker

Bevel Top Marker
Height: 6 to 14 inches at highest point
Width: 8 to 14 inches wide
Length: 16 to 36 inches long


The following top shapes apply to Slant type monuments and Die (Upright) type monuments.

Serpentine Top

Serpentine Top
Oval Top

Oval Top
Flat Top

Flat Top

Decorative Carvings and Etchings & Panels

There are many standard designs available such as flowers, crosses, praying hands, leaves and vines, book panels, symbols of hobbies, fraternal symbols. Carvings or etchings can be made from designs or pictures of your own. In addition to those mentioned there are many other standard designs available. Pricing is dependent upon size, quantity and depth of carvings. Additional charges are applied for original artwork.

Granite Monument Colors

There are 10 colors - Dark Select Gray Barre, Silver Gray Barre, Sunrise, Salisbury Pink, African Black, Canadian Pink, Royal Red, Ebony Mist, Mahogany, Missouri Red. Pricing of all monuments varies according to the color selected. We can match colors, styles, lettering. etc. of existing monuments. Please contact us if you wish to see color samples.
All monuments are available with surfaces that are Polished, Sawed or Balanced Rock Point. Prices vary by the number of polished sides.

Custom Shaped Monuments

There are many custom shapes available such as Lambs, Hearts, Logs, Statuary. For further information on these or other types of custom shaped monuments please call.
Metal plaques are also available.

Final Date Lettering

Lettering of the final date of death can be done once the monument has been put in the cemetery and will match existing lettering. Lettering may also be matched to any existing monument. The pricing for the final date lettering of a pre-need monument is not included in the original purchase price of the monument. Charges for lettering are based upon the number of letters or numbers and size and style of lettering selected.

Lettering styles
Some of the lettering styles include Modified Roman, Condensed Roman, Classic Roman, Frosted Outline, Old English, Script Lettering, Shadow Outline and Hebrew. For a complete listing and samples please contact us.

The foundation is the cement pad that is poured level with the ground and approximately 4 feet deep for the monument to rest on.
The purpose of the foundation is to keep the monument level, keep it from sinking and prevent heaving from the frost. The Cemetery in which the monument will be placed will be responsible for installing the foundation. We will make all the necessary arrangements with the cemetery to pour the foundation. Pricing of foundations vary according to the size of the monument.

Corner Posts
Corner Posts are small blocks of granite or marble that are initialed with the first letter of the family's last name. The posts are placed flush with the ground and are set on the four corners of the cemetery lot to mark the boundary.
Some cemeteries require some sort of marker to distinguish a family's lot, others do not. We can verify if a particular cemetery requires them or not.






21 Big Tree Street
Livonia, NY 14487

8624 Main Street
Honeoye, NY 14471


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